Friday, February 8, 2013

10th Year Anniversary Polo Tee Design Contest

Don’t just be inspired! Be an inspiration to the people around you! 

What is the contest all about?
We are inviting all ERC Institute’s students to design our very own ERCI’s polo tee in celebration of ERCI 10th Year Anniversary. This is to showcase the creativity and talents of our students.

Rules & Regulations
1)    The design must include the tagline “Building a Decade of Difference & Beyond” prominently.
2)    The design is only for the back of a polo tee. There is no need to design the front.
3)    There will be two base colours for the polo tee (refer below). Therefore the design must be compatible to be printed on both base colours for the polo tee.


4)    All design entries must be submitted in jpeg, powerpoint or adobe photoshop format.
5)    All design entries to be submitted via email to clearly stating the following information:
(a)  Full Name
(b)  NRIC/FIN Number
(c)  Handphone Number
(d)  Course Enrolled (eg: English, SADBA, Bachelor, Masters etc)
(e)  Enrolment Date (MMYY eg: June 2012)
6)    Deadline of submission: 8 February (Friday)
7)    By submitting the soft copy of your design, you have agreed that you will allow ERCI to use your design in our polo tee and any other publicity collaterals.
8)    By submitting the design, it is claimed that the design is by your own creation only and is not copied. Any copied design or concept will be disqualified from the contest.
9)    ERCI reserves the rights to make amendments to the winning design wherever appropriate for final printing works.
10) ERCI reserves the rights to amend the rules and regulations of this contest without prior notice.
11) Any enquiries can be emailed to

Who can enter the competition?
Any ERCI students who are creative and want to take up the challenge are WELCOME!

Winner of the best design will receive the following:
1)    $100 cash;
2)    One-night hotel stay ; &
3)    Winner’s name printed on all polo tees as recognition for being the creator of the design.

Example of Design